What’s In Our Competition Bag?

by Sarah Fahey

Of course, the amount of things you bring is going to be dependent on the competition. This means taking into account the length of events and the amount of time you’re going to be spending at the location/venue. But for the purposes of our video, we limited ourselves to one carry-on bag and one garment bag.

A few notes not featured in the video:

Warm Socks: We don’t want to put our heels on right away and a lot of the time our feet need a break after dancing in heels. So these will definitely help keep your feet warm before and after it’s time to wear those shoes.

Kickshorts: For those of you still in syllabus, especially newbies, these are super important! Don’t let fear of a wardrobe malfunction hinder your dancing. You can even get invigilated if the judges feel your costume is inappropriate, so these are super important.

First Aid Supplies: You never know when you or a fellow competitor are going to need a bandaid to cover up a blister, or an ice pack after getting smacked in the head by a stray New York.

Water: We featured one bottle of water in our video. In reality, you should need a lot more. Hydration is absolutely key.

While these are important, all the bells and whistles aren’t as important as the dancing at the end of the day. What’s important is that you bring YOUR bag – meaning, you bring whatever will make you the most successful, confident dancer. If that means this list is a little longer for you, or a little shorter, then so be it.

Feel free to share with us what you bring with you on comp day, whether it’s the same or different than our list of essentials.  

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