The Competition (Week) of the Year

What a whirlwind of a month March was for us here at Waltz Tango Foxtrot. We published some articles that we were immensely proud of, and received a response that only fostered our excitement for the future. We hope you’re proud of us, too.

This is a magazine for collegiate dancers, and that means we know many of our readers are college students (no kidding). The month of April is an insanely hectic time for a college student — in a flurry of midterms, final essays, presentations, projects, and internship applications, we’re somehow also expected to be dedicated ballroom dancers and functioning humans, all at the same time. Sometimes, we all need a little break — the editors of this magazine included.

We’ve managed to consolidate our April issue down to a week of articles, essays, and videos geared towards competition preparation, as one of the biggest competitions in the collegiate circuit, the MIT Open in Boston, Massachusetts, looms.

We’ll be there this weekend, and if you are also attending, we hope that this competition serves as not only a culmination of all that you have achieved in your dancing this semester and this academic year, but also a small reprieve from any other academic responsibilities that may be weighing down on you. Dance is above all meant to be an exercise of self expression, of joyous spirit, of letting go and enjoying what life has to offer.

See you on the floor!

— Carly Mattox, Editor-in-Chief

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